About acrylic box

- Jul 12, 2018-

    For the current acrylic products industry, the applicability of acrylic boxes is more and more popular.High transparent acrylic box in under the irradiation of sunlight or lamplight reflect gloss, also because it has good sealing performance, also can hold some items, such as cosmetics, jewelry and other goods, but because of the yakeli is more environmental protection new material nowadays, so it can also be used to store food or hamper as zero, very convenient and practical.So in our oak, such a simple acrylic box, how is it made?

    First of all we are after cutting, and we have the grams of raw material is adopted by the high quality of acrylic, and then is carried out in accordance with the appropriate size to cut, also can be choose in early plate, according to the customer need to customize the plank of color.

    After the second pass polishing, because cutting acrylic is will be rough, and opaque, give a person from appearance to produce a look beautiful enough feeling, so you also need to through polishing grinding processing, so as to achieve the result of high transparent.

    The last is the glue, because what we speak in front of the two kinds of process on the board that is pure, but acrylic adhesive on the surface of the box is need 5 pieces, and the adhesive is on the face and surface contact sticky glue, and then placed a period of time for it is completely dry, acrylic can dissolve well together, so that acrylic box will be more strong and durable.Add a special lid, and a nice, practical acrylic box is complete.