How much do you know about silk screen printing

- Jul 21, 2018-

In our TeamLok, in fact, the technology of screen printing is used much many, but there are many people still not clear on silk screen much, so today we will talk about some small requirements on silk screen.

    Screen printing is widely used to meet different quality requirements. Modern screen systems can produce a variety of different artwork, but must be chosen appropriately. If it is not used and operated correctly, even the best screen system will be unsuccessful. Preparing the screen is the first and most important step in the silk screen process. The correct screen system and equipment must be selected in the silk screen to reproduce the original color.

Regardless of the material printed, the screen requirements, such as acrylic silkscreen, must be confirmed prior to selecting the screen. These requirements include:

(1) Ink resistance and other chemical materials to be used

(2) Resistance to mechanical action

(3) Edge resolution

(4) Wire mesh bridging

(5) Resolution

     So now you understand silk screen? If you are interested in acrylic or stencil screen printing, you can also come to our company at any time, I look forward to your visit.