Industrial Application Of Acrylic Materials

- Jul 10, 2018-

Plexiglass is also called acrylic, and chemical name called polymethyl methacrylate. It is a polymer compound polymerized from methacrylate. Its characteristics are smooth surface, colorful, small specific gravity, high strength, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, light fastness, good insulation performance, good sound insulation, etc.

Plexiglass products (acrylic products) are widely used, including construction industry, home life; commercial promotion, holiday gifts; hotel services, stationery, tobacco and alcohol display, electronic communication and so on. Moreover, the production of plexiglass products is widely used in advertising decoration and sand table models, such as: signs, billboards, light box panels and Chinese and English letter panels. Among them, plexiglass stationery (acrylic stationery) and plexiglass office supplies (acrylic office supplies) are the highlights of plexiglass in the development of cultural industry. Examples of applications include acrylic pen holders, acrylic pedestals, acrylic data frames, and acrylic platforms. Card, Acrylic Signage, Acrylic Trophy, Acrylic Medal, Yake Display Stand, Acrylic Photo Frame, Acrylic Photo Frame, Acrylic Paper Town, etc.

The selection of materials depends on the design, what kind of shape, what kind of plexiglass, color, and variety should be tested repeatedly to achieve the best results. With a good design, it is necessary to rely on meticulous acrylic processing to become a beautiful craft.