Production Technology of photo frame

- May 31, 2018-

First, the open material: through the cutting machine to buy the board or aluminum plate for the initial cutting molding, after cutting for further processing.

Second, stamping: for aluminum products for one or more stamping process, through the stamping machine for processing, in order to achieve the desired shape.

For wood products, in the cutting after the need for further treatment and polishing, so that the product's character has been further improved. 

Third, screen printing: In the most prominent place in the product mark or propaganda language, in order to achieve better publicity and advertising effects.

At the same time, customers can also play a personalized trademark.

Four, Paint: the use of this technology in some products to make it more features, so that the effect of products beyond the individual characteristics of a particular material, so as to achieve more vivid color and more realistic effect. Assembly: On a dynamic assembly line, thousands of products are assembled and molded every day.

Skilled workers are quick to assemble and ensure the quality of the product. 

Six, packaging, quality inspection: The packaging of products in strict accordance with the needs of customers or international practice to carry out packaging, so that products can be smoothly through the export procedures and inspection and quarantine requirements. In the product after the formation of each batch of products must be strict quality control, so that products from the source of true quality, for buyers and consumers to ensure the high quality of products.