The color meaning of the picture frame

- May 31, 2018-

Picture frame color More and more, pick dazzling, but as long as you are based on a certain color principle, it is easy to choose. Of course, the color itself has no meaning, and some people just give it.

But color can unconsciously affect people's psychology, people's emotions, so there is a variety of colors are added to the specific meaning:

Red: Strong, festive color, it is easy to make people feel excited, is a kind of majestic spirit embodiment.

Yellow: The highest brightness color, give people feel is very warm feeling, brilliant!

Green: Beautiful, elegant, give people feel magnanimous, tolerant. Blue: Eternal, broad, we can look at the sky!

Give people a sense of calm and sanity. Purple: Small mm are commonly used this color, give a person mysterious, oppressive feeling.

It's a strange kind of color.