The technology of acrylic products

- Jul 03, 2018-

Making high-quality acrylic products is not an easy task. First, make the acrylic products without bubble paste is all acrylic processing enterprises need to solve the problem, we introduce acrylic products from seven aspects below without bubble paste technique, the method of reference for your reference learning. Let us process more high-quality acrylic products.
1. Some acrylic sheets will leave traces that are difficult to be removed when they are corroded by adhesive. Therefore, the non-adhesive method can be used to protect the parts that do not need to be adhered to.
2. Grease, dust or bubble holes will hinder the uniform application of adhesive and leave bubbles, which can be cleaned by cleaning;
3. Too little use of adhesive will not slow down the adhesive surface completely, or bring it into the air when the adhesive solidifies and contracts, which will affect the aesthetics;
4. Direct blowing will whiten the edge of the adhesive section due to the rapid evaporation of the adhesive;
5. Indoor humidity and temperature will directly affect the adhesion of acrylic products.
6, acrylic products with adhesive bonding, before has not completely curing by sun direct illuminate for a long time can make acrylic product in different degree of yellowing, will seriously affect the acrylic products and beautiful;
7. The surface stress of acrylic sheets and the surface stress and degradation caused by cutting tools will affect the bonding effect of acrylic sheets