The top ten advantages of acrylic

- Jul 21, 2018-

Maybe many people don't know much about acrylic, just know that it is a new environmentally friendly material. In fact, acrylic still has many advantages, and environmental protection is only one of them. So today we will come to Ouke plexiglass products Co., Ltd. to discuss with them a very senior engineer who has been in the acrylic industry for 15 years about other advantages of acrylic.

1, healthy and non-toxic. Because acrylic itself is a new environmentally friendly material, its products will not cause any harm if it is in contact with people for a long time. However, if the combustion is not complete enough, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide will be produced, which requires special attention.

2, excellent weather resistance. The adaptability of acrylic products to the natural environment is also very strong. Even if the sun and rain are not changed greatly, it can be used safely outdoors.

3. Good light transmission. The colorless and transparent plexiglass plate can reach more than 92%, and the light transmission is very good. The required light intensity is small and can save energy.

4, powerful comprehensive performance. Acrylic sheets not only have a wide variety of colors, but also a variety of colors, as well as excellent overall performance, can be dyed, painted, silk screen or vacuum coating.

5, strong impact resistance. The impact resistance of acrylic sheets is sixteen times that of ordinary glass, so it is suitable for installation in areas where safety is particularly needed.

6, strong plasticity. It is suitable for both machining and thermoforming. The shape changes a lot, and the forming is easy.

7. High recoverability. Acrylic products are easy to maintain and easy to clean. They can be scrubbed with soap and soft cloth, and the recovery rate is high.

8, long service life, durable. Acrylic products have a life expectancy of at least three years compared to other materials.

9. Acrylic products are light in weight and half lighter than ordinary glass products, so the use of acrylic products will make the building and the brackets less stressed.

10. Insulation. Acrylic products have excellent insulation properties and are suitable for use in various electrical equipment without causing the risk of electric shock due to electric leakage.