Top 10 benefits of acrylic

- Jul 30, 2018-

Probably a lot of people do not know very much yakeli, know it is a kind of environmental protection new material only.Actually yakeli still has a lot of advantages, environmental protection is only one of them.So today, let's come to oko organic glass products co., LTD to discuss the other advantages of acrylic with a senior engineer who has been engaged in the acrylic industry for 15 years.

1. Health is non-toxic.Because yakeli itself is a kind of new material of environmental protection, its product and person long-term contact also won't produce what harm, but if burning not quite, can produce formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, this is to need special attention.

2. Excellent weather resistance.The adaptation of acrylic products to the natural environment is also very strong, even the sun and rain will not change greatly, so it can be used safely outdoors.

3. Good light transmittance.The transmittance of colorless and transparent organic glass plate can reach more than 92%.The required light intensity is small, which can save energy.

4. Strong comprehensive performance.Acrylic board itself not only variety, color diversity, but also excellent comprehensive performance, can be dyed, painted, silk printing or vacuum coating.

5. Strong impact force.The anti - impact force of acrylic board is 16 times of common glass, so it is suitable for installation in the special need of safety.

6. Strong plasticity.It is suitable for both mechanical processing and hot forming.The shape changes a lot and the process is easy.

7. High recovery rate.Acrylic products are easy to maintain, easy to clean, with soap and soft cloth scrubbing can be, and high recovery rate.

8. Long service life and durability.The life of acrylic products is at least three years longer than that of other materials.

9. Acrylic products are light in weight, less than half the weight of ordinary glass products, so the use of acrylic products will make the building and support bear less pressure.

10. Insulation.Acrylic products have good insulation performance and are suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment.