What can shelf wobblers be used for

- Jul 25, 2018-

Whether it’s on a fridge in a café or the shelves in a supermarket aisle, shelf wobblers are an affordable and effective way to command attention in areas that are often crowded with products. Cost-effective, convenient and easy to install shelf talkers can help you target your customer in a variety of ways:

  • Pushing a particular product: from shifting deadstock to drawing attention to promotionally-priced products, customisable shelf wobblers catch the consumer’s eye by physically standing out from the shelving unit. From highlighting the hefty discount to advertising a product’s key features, making one brand seem more irresistible than its competitors will persuade customers to add it to their basket

  • Advertising an offer or competition: as well as ensuring that your special offers are a success by pushing sales, using shelf talkers to advertise a discount or competition will increase brand awareness and encourage repeat business in the near-future. Detailing its extra value or highlighting the opportunity to win an item when purchasing a particular product will increase the appeal of the brand – and this will encourage shoppers to keep on spending

  • Targeting tech-savvy consumers: with more and more retailers finding ways to adapt to the digital age, it’s more crucial than ever that your store layout is in-line with the latest technology trends. Using shelf wobblers to promote QR codes means consumers can use their smartphone to access even more product information – and these easy to print codes will create an interactive shopping experience that’s likely to increase the average spend-per-visit