What is Point Of Sale (POS) marketing material

- Jul 25, 2018-

What is Point Of Sale (POS) marketing material?

Point of Sale marketing material includes a myriad of printed advertising display items that can help your product to stand out from the crowd.

Introducing the Shelf Wobbler

Today, one of the most easy-to-use, low cost, effective (and even hip!) POS marketing innovations is the 'Shelf Wobbler'.

POS Shelf Wobblers are tags that are stuck to shelves, or other surfaces, to stand out to grab customer attention. Also called shelf talkers or product talkers, these branded tags literally talk for themselves – they point customers to your product, giving you an edge over competitors that sit on the same shelf.

The Shelf Wobbler is a highly effective point of sale advertising piece that is commonly seen in all sorts of retailers including: supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, electronics, telecommunications, hard ware and white goods stores.

The Wobbler is one of the best Point of Sale pieces for influencing buyer behavior – on the spot!

Are shelf wobblers right for you?

Shelf Wobblers work best in crowded product categories, where there is a multitude of consumer choices for the same product. Such products include packaged food, homewares, toiletries, electronic and white goods, confectionary and cold drinks.

Examples where Shelf Wobblers have proven to be very effective are:

  • pharmacies and independent grocery stores

  • hardware and telecommunications stores

  • on fridges in cafes, convenience stores and service stations