Why Choose TeamLok Acrylic Photo Frame

- Jul 21, 2018-

Last time we talked about the processing skills of photo frames, today we will talk about why choose our TeamLok's acrylic photo frame? We also know that acrylic photo frames are very popular in the market, because acrylic photo frames have many advantages, then let's count the advantages of it together.

  1. Good shape, not easy to break is the first advantage of acrylic photo frame. This is also the most important reason why our manufacturers choose acrylic as the main material of the photo frame. Acrylic photo frames have great advantages compared with ordinary ordinary glass frames, because ordinary glass is easy to break and difficult to form, but using acrylic as the main material, it saves cost and increases production.

  2. Transparency is good, strong resistance is the second biggest advantage of acrylic photo frames. Acrylic photo frames are more translucent than ordinary glass. It is said that in some countries there are clear legislative provisions, and the children's activities in the glass window are all replaced by acrylic plates, because of its strong resistance, rather than being as fragile as ordinary glass.

  3. Easy processing is the third major advantage of acrylic photo frames. Acrylic photo frames are not demanding in terms of processing temperature. As long as the temperature reaches 180 degrees Celsius, acrylic materials can be processed. It does not need too high temperature, which once again saves costs for our manufacturers, and acrylic is a new material for environmental protection. . So people are more likely to accept it.

  4. A good antioxidant acrylic framework is the fourth biggest advantage. Acrylic photo frames are easy to color when processed, so the acrylic photo frames on the market are always so colorful. Acrylic photo frames are very resistant to oxidation and are suitable for every corner of the home and can be stored for a long time.