Why does silk screen plexiglass crack? -Organic glass processing

- Jul 20, 2018-

       Why is there a crack in silk screen plexiglass processing?

       Screen printing plexiglass plate, why after printing, after a period of time, there are many tiny cracks and dense pieces?

       Cracking of screen-printed plexiglass panels may be a problem with the panels, and another possibility may be problems with the inks used for screen printing. If the crack is caused by poor quality of the sheet, we can find a piece of silk which has been previously screen printed and has no cracks left. It is judged by the same ink system. If there is no crack, the quality of the sheet is not good, maybe it is a sheet. Excessive moisture, you can try to bake the plexiglass sheet at a temperature of 60 degrees for 30 minutes after silk screen printing, which may be solved. If cracks still occur, it may be the cause of the ink. Since the plexiglass is corroded by a solvent, it may cause cracking. Therefore, if the ink used is not suitable for use with an organic glass, such as an ink containing a solvent such as toluene, the plexiglass sheet may be cracked in the silk screen. When cracks are generated, it is possible to use silk screen printing (with different colors) that has not been problematic in the previous screen printing, to quickly determine whether it is an ink problem, reduce time and avoid material waste.

       In addition, when the board is static, it is easy to adhere to dust. Before silk screen or paint, wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with 1% soapy water to achieve a clean effect.