Bamboo Alligator Clip Holder

Bamboo Alligator Clip Holder

1) Bamboo cube size:1",metal clip 4" H 2) Eco-friendly,natural material 3) Logo:engraved,silkscreen

Product Details

Bamboo Alligator Clip Holder

The ergonomic, shaped handle fits the hand perfectly thereby allowing for great handling of the brush.



Our bamboo charcoal infused bristles clean extremely well and hold up. When you have reached the end

of your toothbrush's life cycle (generally 2-3 months), remove the bristles with a pliers and recycle them.

The rest is compostable, biodegradable.


Function over Form:

Deep Cleaning Toothbrush -- Form doesn't mean much without function. Our formed brush fits the hand well

and the bristles give a deep clean, in turn providing uniquely high-end functionality.



Simple Designs. We strive to keep it clean.


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