Bamboo Memo Clip

Bamboo Memo Clip

Bamboo memo clip Cube size: 2.5x2.5x2.5cm Material: natural bamboo

Product Details


Bamboo is the fastest growing and most replenishable woody plant in the world.Because it is a grass,not a tree,certain types of bamboo can grow up to six feet per day when placed in the proper climate.When harvested,1/3 of the bamboo taken will completely grow back within one year.Thus,making bamboo one of the most renewable resources in the world and an exellent alternative to hard woods. 

Our collection is crafted from solid bamboo for superior durability.

Bamboo's inherent anti-microbial and moisture-resistant properties are a natural for entertaining and food perparation.Bamboo has gained increasing popularity in the culinary world as a material for cutting boards,as they are hard enough to withstand years of knife abuse,yet more forgiving to the knife blade,causing less damage to the edged utensils overtime.

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