Process And Material Selection Of Plexiglass Acrylic Display Stand

- Jul 12, 2018-

The plexiglass acrylic display racks bring excellent display value to various products, and thus are applied to various industries in more and more enterprises. In the life, the acrylic display stand can be seen everywhere, and its application range includes cosmetics display, jewelry display, digital product display, mobile phone display, high-end wine display, high-end watch display and so on. So what are the principles that need to be remembered in the selection of acrylic display racks?

1. The most important thing is the choice of materials. Only the choice is right, you can consider the next choice. In the current market, the materials used in the production of display cabinets mainly include Shenzhen acrylic sheets, environmentally-friendly boards, special fire boards, and crystal plates. After comparing them, it will be found that acrylic materials and environmentally-friendly boards are widely used in these materials.

2. To integrate the visual system of corporate culture. Choosing the color that is consistent with the visual system of the corporate culture enables the acrylic display stand to be effectively integrated with the corporate culture and integrated into the corporate visual system.

3. The structure of the display cabinet is made, and the design is selected according to the customer's needs. It is necessary to know that selecting a plate that is more in line with the design shape can effectively save the plate and avoid odorless waste, which is a responsible corporate behavior for the environment and for the guests.

Acrylic appears in almost every aspect of life and can make almost any product in life. In the process of making acrylic display racks, the materials can be screen printing, laser engraving, flame polishing, flat printing, hot bending and blistering. These characteristics are very difficult to achieve by conventional industrial injection molding. Because the toughness and acid and alkali resistance of the board is inferior to that of the new PET reinforced board in the market, it is very easy to break and crack, such as impact resistance and cold bending effect. Therefore, while we can show it, we should also be familiar with its attribute characteristics to facilitate better production.