Storage Significance Of Wine Rack

- May 31, 2018-

The high density of solid wood, moisture-proof pressure, shock performance and the dissolution of wood molecules and wine is conducive to better wine fermentation.

Wooden Wine Rack Not only does it have a place to play, but also because it has similar material properties to corks, be able to show the quality of storage conditions: wine racks with delicate and smooth groove, parallel or vertical, can make different shapes of wine bottles can be safely stored, convenient for the management of wine collectors; wine racks of solid wood before the making of smoked and baked,Shang and the length of time will bring different flavors of wine racks, in the wine storage fermentation process, solid wood wine racks of wood fragrance will be dissolved into wine through the cork, so that the bouquet richer; design According to the designers of the French Lewis Group Co., Ltd. and Austrian Odyssey Wine Cellar Co., which has a leading position in the domestic solid wood wine shelf industry, the design of solid wood wine rack is very important in the wine cellar, even plays a decisive role, a full of artistic beauty and practical wine cellar in the design of wine racks, Is by no means a simple pile of wood. It must be from the wine shelf between the dense and sparse, high and low, far and near, thick and thin, square and round and other aesthetic aspects of the consideration. The aesthetic shape and material of different wine racks often determine the overall style of the wine cellar. As with the wine cellar, functional zoning is equally important in the overall wine frame. According to the size of the cellar space and the owner's demand, aesthetic considerations, it is very important to carry out such zoning as bar area, art decoration area, storage area and display area in the whole wine frame. And in the construction of solid wood wine racks only fully consider these, in order to build a multi-functional, artistic wine cellar.