Push Up Pop Free

Push Up Pop Free

1.Clear high durability food grade PP 2.Factory price 3.Quality and Service first, more than 10 years to manufacture such items

Product Details

Does anyone remember when push up pops free came out? I think maybe early 80’s? Theye were mostly Flinstones themed if I remember correctly, and made up of brightly colored sugary yogurt? Yes? No? Am I just aging myself with this stuff!?


Well I remember those vividly. Because my mom wouldn’t buy them. But my neighbors mom would.So my little brother and I would beg and beg to go over there so we could maybe have a Flinstones Push up Pop free. I don’t think it was the day glow colored yogurt that was so interesting as the actual “push up” apparatus!

When I saw those for sale last year, I impulse purchased, and had completely forgotten about them until this last week. The weather has been nice and of course the girls are craving ice cream and popsicles. I was too lazy to get out the ice cream maker and make homemade sorbet for Pia, and I don’t like her to have the sugar free popsicles more than every once in a while- because well, yuck. SO, I had to make some of our own.

That is when I ventured down to the basement to find popsicle molds and found these instead! I just blended up this delicious combination below and poured them in. A few hours later, the kids came home from school to this fun frozen treat. Perfect for the hot holiday weekend, and kids love making them with you!

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