Mini Shelf Wobbler Strip

Mini Shelf Wobbler Strip

Single-sided shelf wobblers offer advantages you just can get with a traditional wobbler.

Product Details

This is one of the best marketing advantages of two sided printing; using that extra bit of promotional real estate on the back of the tab to display your logo one more time. Suddenly the tab is more than merely functional. It's like adding a mini shelf strip to your wobbler. This not only guarantees consistency in your branding, but also affords you two separate areas to get your product's name out there. And who doesn't like a two-for?

Teamlok has their logo printed upside down on the back of the wobbler's tab, so that it's actually right-side-up when snapped into the channel. The balance of the back of their wobbler is printed in a solid color to match the front. These are the "little" things that make double-sided wobblers so successful. When they sit on a shelf with single-sided wobblers, theirs definitely stands out.

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